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Ben Hogan's Golf Swing
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Ben Hogan the Greatest Swing of ll Time


I have always felt that to be an elite mental and physical fitness coach of golf you should pick a golf swing that you reference. It should represent balance, flexibility, accuracy, fluidly, power, and consistency. I have studied all the great golfers' swings and the one that I considered the best to reference was Mr. Ben Hogan.

Most tour professionals do not watch other pros practice. This was not the case for Ben Hogan. In his playing days, as well as into retirement, he was watched by large numbers of tour and teaching pros.

Even the great Jack Nicklaus would watch Hogan practice but Hogan never watched Nicklaus practice. You ask why?

Everyone who saw him play agrees, Ben Hogan had the greatest golf swing of all time. What has always intrigued me about him was that he was a small man, 5'7'' 140 lbs, yet he was one of the longest drivers of the ball. In his playing day, golf fitness consisted of hitting 1000 balls a day.

Although Hogan will always be remembered as arguably the finest ball striker ever, his analytical and powerful mind also helped make him a champion golfer. He analyzed how to correctly play a course very rapidly and successfully.

Over 30 years, I have done a comprehensive study of the swing and mental preparation that successfully resulted in his winning 9 major championships. My research of Ben Hogan contributed to the development of my own functional golf fitness and mental program that is second to none.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing

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