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Golf Cardiovascular Training Program

Being physically fit allows a golfer to walk and play 18 holes of golf, recreational or tournament, without becoming fatigued. This stamina allows one to stay physically and mentally focused throughout the round.

Cardiovascular fitness is especially relevant on the professional, amateur and college level, when a player plays for four straight days. During a round, a player can walk an average of 5 to 6 miles per day under very stressful conditions.

The heart rate of the physically fit golfer tends to remain stabilized because muscles are properly oxygenated. This flow of oxygen in turn results in providing sufficient energy, stamina and recovery time under more physically stressful conditions. A higher level of concentration is also achieved by the physically fit golfer, due to the maintenance of high oxygen flow to the brain. It will also help you to maintain your physical performance throughout your round.

Your cardiovascular training program will require you to train a minimum of 5 days a week. The time allotted for your cardio training will require an average of 20 to 45 minutes depending on the activity.

I recommend cardio machines such as Versa Climber, Pre Core Elliptical trainers, spin bicycles, and Stair Masters. While training on these types of machines, I recommend you put your body in the golf set up and do the training from a backswing and downswing position while training on these machines. It not only increases your heart rate, it allows you to train your body for the movements of your golf swing.

To have a successful functional golf fitness program you must perform as many of the training exercises out of the golf set up. Whether you are doing cardio, strength, or flexibility training, skill adaptation is a must when doing your program.

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