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Skip Redford golf fitness trainer Golf conditioning training program Exclusive PGA golfer training Golf conditioning for the professional golfer Golf workout for PGA golfers Conditioning, cardiovascular, flexibility, nutritional program for professional golfers.
Skip Redford
Golf Conditioning Program


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Basic Safety Tips
For Your Flexibility Program

  • Know your body's anatomy, its limitations, and any past injuries.
  • Learn the correct way to stretch through reading books on Different flexibility programs or hire a licensed trainer who is experienced with a golf specific flexibility program.
  • Always warm up before attempting any stretching. Once a muscle is warmed up, it will be easier for the muscle to be stretched. The majority of all stretching should be done after activity is completed.
  • Always stretch one muscle group at a time. When performing your flexibility program, never try to overstretch or force the muscle to stretch beyond its natural range of motion.
  • Stretching can be done anytime you feel the need to stretch. This can take place before, during, and after your golf game.
  • A consistent stretching program will not only add distance to your golf game, it will also help in preventing injuries.

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    Flexibility program

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