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Skip Redford
Golf Conditioning Program


Golf Conditioning
Developed by Skip Redford
Master's Degree Physical Education/Sport Psychology
5TH degree Black Belt, Tang Soo Do
Golf Fitness and Mental Performance Coach - 20 Years

I have developed a specialized golf fitness program that caters to professional and amateur golfers of all skill levels. The Golf Conditioning program was developed through twenty-five years of training, playing and analyzing the golf swing.

The fitness program, designed exclusively for the professional golfer, is a personal physical and mental conditioning program that elevates the golfer's playing ability and greatly reduces the possibility of injury.

The golf swing is not a natural movement for the body to repeat over and over without causing undue stressful forces on the body.

The Golf Conditioning golf-fitness program develops the individual's overall conditioning, strength, flexibility and balance. The end result is that any golfer training under the guidelines of this program will increase club head speed, range of swing motion, balance and hand-eye coordination.

The golfer's Golf Conditioning program consists of:

  • cardiovascular conditioning
  • strength resistance training
  • core training program
  • breathing and mental focus
  • complete stretching programs and
  • nutritional program

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