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Skip Redford
Professional Golf Fitness and Mental Performance Coach


Professional Golf Fitness and Mental Performance Coach
Skip Redford

PGA Golfer Fitness Training
Personal Trainer

Qualifications Second to None

  • Trained Elite Athletes over 30 years.

  • Trained Exclusively Professional, Amateur, & Elite Juniors Golfers For The Last 17 Years.

  • Masters Degree Sport Psychology from San Diego State University. Graduate Professor at State Where I taught Advanced Conditioning, Golf, Weight Training Classes.

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with Emphasis in Kinesiology. Played for the Legendary Football Coach, Paul Bear Bryant. Learned Valuable Lessons on "WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A WINNER"

  • I have played, competed and studied the golf swing, "BEN HOGANS" for over forty years. This experience has enabled me to develop a very functional and specific golf fitness and mental program. I am currently a 1.7 handicap.

  • Master 5th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Tang Soo Do
    25 years of Martial Arts training has given me the requisite skills for teaching special techniques that enhance Proprioception ( Body Awareness), Breathing, Focus, Power, Relaxation, and Visualization. These skills are essential for the elite player who wants to compete successfully at the highest level.

  • I have caddied on the PGA, Nationwide, and other professional tours. This has given me insight on the mental and physical demands that a professional golfer must endure throughout the year. This information has been so important in developing a program that works.

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