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Golf and Philosophy

From Skip Redford
  • An athlete who has attained mastery of a sport whether it be golf or all the other sports reveals it in his every action.

  • Without perseverance, a strong mental attitude, and sweat, all the god given natural talent in the world will go to waste.

  • Nothing is impossible to obtain in life, if you have a strong mind.

  • Power of the mind is infinite while physical strength is limited.

  • An athlete may train for a long, long time, but if he or she trains without direction, goals will not be attained, because the real heart of the sport will never be reached.

  • Technical knowledge of the golf swing, physical and mental training is not enough. One must transcend all techniques so that golf becomes an effortless art, developing out of the unconscious.

  • Winners train while losers make excuses.


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